Brian Molitoris Photographer | Food

These are works for various clients, usually chefs or catering/sales managers. Work is displayed on web pages, sales presentations (PPT etc), featured on menus. They can also be used in airport hallways with the restaurant name and phone number. There are various dishes, drinks, action stations and such to illustrate the food service provided.

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Fire, Basic for foodStrawberries and champaignPatron TequilaTuna serviceThe "drop" on grilled  tunaPesto and Basil on Ciabatta slices.Orchid on IceFood, service controlled portion size.sliced roast beef tenderloinFruit Bowl for GuestsApples with Brie and a Caramel Nut toppingCheese CakeRoast Beef, Action Station for GuestsArtichoke SaladPan searedShush rolls