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Take a look around. The "Fine Prints" section has images with multiple

intriguing layers. There are portraits that fill individual's needs.

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These are photographs and images with
thoughtful intent, unique style and interpretation.

On this site you’ll find…

Fine prints and gifts - artistic and stylized works for gifts, displays.
Many of these are adaptable to Cards and Gifts. Usable in homes
for places the need some image to attract and please. Gifts because these
are unique, crafted, not mass produced; and your home could use the luxury of fine art.
You’ll find landscapes, mountain streams with their cool water lace patterns, abstract leaf patterns, aspens.
New images and works are added regularly.

Open galleries: for the public, all manner of items.
Event photography; concerts, graduations, celebrations of many kinds.

Portfolio / Examples; a few selected works.

Videos: a fusion of still photography, sound, text. Most run only 2-3 minutes,so you can sample
a good number.

Food; a speciality for Chefs, GM’s hotel and facilities that need marketing collateral
usable in powerpoint and other marketing/sales presentations to perspective clients.
Good food will make a good meeting.

Realestate/Facilities: These are for Property managers and commercial sales.
Usable on web sites to attract prospects to visit the property.

And if you have a rental facility to fill,
images on your web site will have viewers stay longer.
The Image (or Photos) page is one of the most visited :
to see what rooms, room layouts, decorations, lighting,
and table setups look like.